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Questions with Trav – Session 13

Question from Kate Holliday  from Mount Barker..
What is going to be your message to the boys before you walk out to face Fremantle? I am really looking forward to the game and for footy to be back!

I think the main message to the group will be to have trust and belief in what they have done over the summer. We have done a huge amount of work over pre-season and the group has improved so much, so now it’s time to put it into practice. Also to enjoy it, it’s been a long wait since the prelim loss and it’s great to have footy back so go out and enjoy it.

Question from Alexandra P from Happy Valley
What do you love the most about us Port Adelaide supporters?

It has to be the passion!!! We have been through a lot of hard times in recent years and that’s supporters included, but never have we felt like we were alone – we have always had the passion from our supporters and we cannot thank you enough for continuously backing us in. We are a family at Port Adelaide, that includes; players, coaches, staff and supporters – WE ARE ALL ONE!!!

Question from Laughlin Cargnali from Gladstone park
Will training be modified/increased intensity in a lead up to round one?

The biggest change with training in the lead up to the season (especially in the last few weeks) is the amount of training we do. During the season becomes a lot more about recovery, but in saying that the intensity and level of training we do never drops, as we have a high standard and we want to have that for the whole season.

Question from Sharon Tonkin from Semaphore Park
How do you cope with jetlag before a game?
Fortunately for us living in Adelaide the flights are never too long. Perth is only a few hours away and we travel a couple of days before the game to give us enough time to get used to the time difference.

Question from Oliver Lipkiewicz from Unley Park
You are now the hunted and all teams will focus on stopping your fast ball movement. How do you combat this negative tactic that teams like Freo will almost certainly employ? As the Crows did in NAB cup? How do you cope with taggers as I was being tagged in the U7’s last year?

For us and it would be the same for most teams, you will always want to play the game on your terms but there is going to be times during a game when things aren’t going the way you want and that’s where all of the preparation during the week and certain tactics we speak about come into to play to help us get the game back to how we want it played. Momentum is a big thing in footy and the team who can get it back the quickest will go along way to winning. I think the best way to deal with taggers is to go into each game with a plan and understand what makes you a good player and what strengths you have they can’t compete with. The way I look at it, is that it’s a compliment the opposition is showing you respect. I never see it as a negative or get angry because if you can’t get the ball there is always another way to help your team.

Thanks for your questions and I hope you all have a great Easter.


Questions with Trav – Session 12

Questions with Trav – Session 11

Question from Ryan Simmonds, Broadview
What is you favourite xmas food and what was you favourite gift as a kid?

My favourite Christmas food would have to be one of mum’s desserts; chocolate ripple cake mum makes every Christmas and it’s the only time I get to enjoy it. My favourite present would have been my first ever cricket set, as summer is the time for cricket. My cousins and I would always be in the backyard playing cricket so when I was younger and got my first ever cricket set I was pretty happy about it.

Question from Andrew Cowie-Taylor, Morphett Vale
What fitness drills do you and your teammates do in Dubai to get fit for next year?

I don’t want to give to much away about what we do in Dubai as that’s burgo’s little secret :) But our training over there is really intense as we are only there for a short period of time, so we try and get as much training in as possible. We are very fortunate to be training in world class facilities over there which certainly helps.

Question from Matthew Sullivan, Exeter
What’s some of the differences between Dubai 2013 and this trip to Dubai just gone? Was it a little easier knowing what to expect or did the ‘phase3’ of Burgos pre season expectations make it tougher?

I think mentally it was a little better as we sort of knew what we were in for after doing it the year before but they certainly threw us a few ‘curve balls’ we call them and didn’t expect some of the training we did. In terms of physicality, it was another step up again from last year as we were there for a shorter period of time but were able to go above last year. It was a credit to the boys to come back from the off-season in great shape to make sure we were able to go harder in Dubai.

Question from Elaine Mular, Seaton
Hi Trav, Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions before your break. My question is: I have noticed that a few other teams have sustained injuries during pre-season training. Wondering how our boys are considering how tough Dubai has been. Any new injuries?

Pre-season can be a time where you can sustain a few injuries as it’s the hardest part of footy and the demand on your body is huge. But this all depends on how well you look after yourself in the off-season and we are very fortunate we have great fitness staff who put together a great program for us to follow in the off-season. As I spoke about in an earlier question, our boys smashed the off-season training so they were able to come back in great shape and prepare their bodies for what they go through in pre- season, so right now we are going well with injuries nothing new and hopefully it can stay that way.

Question from Jo Kershaw  Nottingham, UK
Hey Trav, thank you for taking the time to have photos, and sign my friend’s son’s picture (after your flight from Dubai) it is very much appreciated. My question is, what was the best Christmas present you have ever received and why?  Please let me know if the Notts County shirt fits, and if you’ve looked them up?

No worries at all about the photo happy to do so anytime! We have the best fans in the world and we are all more than happy to help our fans whenever we can. Thank you very much for the soccer guernsey too! Every year my sisters’ and I are very spoilt and for me the greatest present is just being able to be home and spend Christmas with my family.

Thank you all for the great questions, I hope you all have a happy and safe Christmas and New Year. Can’t wait to chat to you again in 2015 it’s going to be a great year I can feel it!!!

Questions with Trav – Session 10

Question from Abbey Styan, Singapore
How did you find it playing in the All- Australian team and was it hard to adapt to the different game?

Hi Abbey, thanks for the question. The whole week was a great experience, being around the best players in the game I really learnt a lot. It was pretty hard kicking the round ball but I think the guys adapted pretty well, had a lot of fun. 

Question from Lachlan Skachill, Salisbury Heights
What was the feeling you experienced when you got drafted?

It was a very emotional day Lachlan. My mum was in tears as I was leaving home but it was also exciting as I was about to start a journey playing the game I grew up loving. With the 2014 NAB AFL Draft upon us tomorrow night, it’s hard to believe that my name was read out at the draft 8 years ago. I’m really looking forward to seeing who we will draft tomorrow night and more excited to meet and train with them.

Question from Abbey Lindsay, Murray Bridge
What are you looking to improve on whilst in Dubai this December?

Hi Abbey, the biggest thing I want to continue to work on is my strength and power whilst also trying to get a lot fitter as the game is changing a lot. But I really want to continue to work on my leadership and try and be the best captain I can for the club.

Question from Angela Liberatore, Eltham
Other than your team mates which club and captain inspire you the most to go one better in season 2015?

I would have to say Joel Selwood inspires me most Angela, as his leadership is arguably the best in the game and how he inspires his team really stands out. I think seeing how happy and emotional Hawthorn were after the GF makes me jealous and  I want to continue to get better so our team can experience that. 

Question from Chantelle King, Butler
Hey Travis! I am a huge fan of you and Port. I am also in love with my own sport as well, karate. I was wondering how you deal with the mental strains and downs of dealing with injuries? I find I struggle sometimes to bounce back from an injury and believe in myself again just about every time! I would love if you could answer this for me it’d mean a lot.

Great question Chantelle and I hope I can help. I find the best way to deal with the mental strains of sport are to find a release in your life that takes you away from it, for me I like to go surfing. I love being out in the water as it clears my head and takes me away from the pressures of AFL. My advice is to  find something else in your life that you enjoy away from karate that takes your mind off it and helps calm you. In getting back from injury the confidence in your body does take time but what I find is if you can do everything right during the recovery process and do all of the strength exercises, you should feel confident your body will be fine, so it comes down to mental and know when you come back to your event you have done all the work and your body is ready to go.


Questions with Trav – Session 9

Question from Krystal Eastwood, Munno Para West
What are some of the activities you like to do on your time off playing footy?  

Hi Krystal, thanks for the question. Footy is by far my favourite thing to do but when I get a chance to get away, surfing is my main hobby. Any chance I get, I’ll try to get in the water.

Question from Naomi Connor, Port Pirie
Very keen to hear your thoughts on how Vossy will develop and value add to the midfield team. Huge fan, big thanks!  

Michael Voss is a great addition for us Naomi. Not only was he one of the best midfielders to play the game, but also one of the best leaders so he will help grow our midfield group by teaching them the things that made him the best. He will also help our leadership group as individuals and as a group.

Question from Tracey Singh, Cowandilla
What will our club do differently in 2015 to ensure a consistent season and a top 4  place at the end of the minor round?  

Hi Tracey, we won’t change too  much as we have been building each year (especially over the past two years), so the main thing for us is to go to another level with our fitness and understanding of the style of game we want to play.  I think the thing that keeps growing is how much this group wants success and I’m sure that they will show you that again this year.

Question from Lisa Findlay, Salisbury North
Hey Travis.   I’ve just recently been promoted to 2IC at work. It’s in a office setting. I   know it’s a bit different to football but…how do you get people to listen   to your ideas?? it’s so hard for older people to see ideas from someone   younger like myself. Have you got any advice on being a leader. I try and be as fair as possible when I am in charge. Thanks Travis you’re an inspiration   to many and ME:)

Great question Lisa. It’s certainly not always easy and in my case I have had guys like Dom and Kane who I have looked up to but now it’s my job to lead. My view is that it’s not about telling people what to do, it’s about setting and example of what you want from your team. By doing it this way, your team should hopefully listen and respect you because you’re not nagging them to do things. Set the example of what you want and let them follow and  if they don’t, then they probably shouldn’t be apart of your organisation. Eventually people will listen to your ideas if you’re setting the right example and remeber being a good leader doesn’t happen overnight!!

Question from Adrian Micklethwaite, Seaford rise
When sitting out back waiting for a wave looking out to the ocean is that were you do your best thinking.

Thanks for the question Adrian. The water for me is a place where I can go and clear my head of any stress. There are certainly areas in football that can be very demanding and stressful and every player needs something that helps them release that stress, so for me, that’s surfing! Every time I get out of the water I feel a million dollars and ready to get back into it.

Questions with Trav – Session 8

Questions with Trav – Session 7

Questions with Trav – Session 5

Questions with Trav – Session 4

Question from Tom Stevens, Port Noarlunga
Do you think you or any one from Port will be a top 5 player in the AFL in the next 3 to 5 years?

Hi Tom, thanks for the question. We have a number of quality players in our team and that’s the reason we have had better performances lately; it hasn’t been left to one or two players. In saying this I think Chad Wingard and Robbie Gray have the ability to become apart of the top few players in the competition and with their continued improvement this year they are on their way.

Question from Sarah Baker, Albert Park.
What has been the hardest thing since being appointed captain of the Port Adelaide Football Club?

To be honest Sarah, I have been very lucky and haven’t been faced with to many difficult moments as captain. The most challenging has been the extra commitments  you have to do off the field and also try and organise enough time for myself away from football. In saying this, I wouldn’t change anything… I love being captain of this great club.

Question from Krystal Eastwood, Munno Para West
Where do you think your life would be now if you weren’t playing for the Power?

Hi Krystal, this is a tough question… I honestly couldn’t tell you what I would be doing. I have changed my mind so many times the last few years about what I want to do other than be involved with footy and I’m still unsure of what I would actually be doing but I think I would more than likely be living in Torquay. I’m also currently studying a Diploma in Business, so possibly something in the business world, possibly either working for a corporate organisation or running my own business.

Question from Emily Cross, Barwon Heads
As a leader, what do you believe are the key ingredients to be a great leader?

Hi Emily, thanks for the question. In my opinion every leader has their own unique way of leading but I think if you look at most leaders across any sport or business the things they have in common are that they are really passionate about what they stand for and what they believe in and from there they have the ability to instil this into a group. For us at Port Adelaide we have certain values we want to live by and as leaders we try and get this values across and instilled in our playing group. Fortunate for us we have so many great people that are very disciplined and want to learn and it makes our job as leaders a lot easier.

Question from Dion Corbett, Buderim
What kind of board do you run? Is it a mal or a short board?, and do you get to surf much during the season?

I have a couple of boards Dion, but my main one is a 6’2 FireWire rocket which I absolutely love. I also just got a FireWire submoon long board. Per below I’ve included some pictures of my boards.

trav surf - Copy
boaky surf

Questions with Trav – Session 3

Question from Peter Varsos, West Croydon
Do you think you’ll be a ‘one club’ player?

Answer: Yes, I do I love Port Adelaide and they have given me so much since I moved here and would love to stay with them until the end of my career and experience success with this great club and the people involved.

Question from Michael Chapman, Hepburn Springs
What was the hardest part about choosing to stay with Port and not coming back to Victoria?

Answer: The hardest part was still being away from my family. I am very close with them and it’s always been difficult being in another state. I now have one of my sisters over here and my mum and other sister fly over as much as they can which is great.

Question from Dominic Economou, Findon
Who do you expect to have a good season in 2014?

Answer: The two guys I said would have a great season at the start of the year were Robbie Gray and Ben Newton and both have started really well. Robbie has put his knee troubles behind him and is playing some of the best footy he ever has and Benny has absolutely dominated the SANFL and is very close to getting a call up to the AFL.

Question from Tina Banitska, Daylesford
What would be the top 3 attributes necessary for an elite sportsperson?

Answer: I think the best attributes are all in the mind. Of course it would great to be super fast or really tall and strong but those attributes only get you so far. The most important things you need to have are being professional in every thing you do. Ken always says to us do the little things well and you will get the result. I believe that if you are driven and want something go for it don’t let setbacks keep you down. Being humble is a huge thing a lot of professional athletes do not have but I think is very important not matter what you achieve or how you are going in your career always stay humble and that will help you stay level and improve constantly.

Question from Cam Dimech, Littlehampton
Thanks Trav for a great showdown win. Who are the players pushing for selection? I’m a big fan of Kane Mitchell! When’s he going to be sprinting down the wing?

Answer: Kane had a fantastic game on the weekend and would be very close, it’s tough to push anyone out at the moment because we are winning and most of our guys are playing well but he would be one pushing for selection along with Ben Newton and Paul Stewart.